The COVID-19 Pandemic affects everyone in various different ways. Simply join us as a seller and take the opportunities to turn unwanted items into financial gold.

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Tentang Relov

RELOV is a movement to give awareness to the public about the importance of giving second life to items that no longer hold value to its original owners. We are helping people to further their understanding on recycling second-hand items through friendly, curated, attractive, and high quality methods.

Through RELOV, we aim to assist the public in solving limited storage space at their homes and help turn it into financial gold.

Furthermore, RELOV is a platform where people can begin their journeys to reinvent their styles and way of living through being kinder to their bodies and earth.

Letter from the founder

Hi welcome to Project RELOV, with me Iskahana as the founder and COO of RELOV. Long story short I’ve been thrifting since my middle school days. Saya sudah cukup lama menyadari bagaimana mass production of fast fashion in textile industry gives bad impacts to our planet. Sejak saat itu, selama kurang lebih 4 tahun yang lalu, kebanyakan barang yang saya beli hanya barang-barang bekas, tidak hanya untuk diri saya sendiri tetapi juga untuk keluarga. Bisa dikatakan hampir semua isi lemari...

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