Frequently Asked Questions

Relov FAQ

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Create an account at RELOV, sign in to your account and register to become a seller

To change your account name or registered email, please login to your Seller Account at RELOV.

To update your email preferences or unsubscribe from RELOV emails, please click “unsubscribe” on the bottom of our email.

To change your address, please visit the settings tab on your Seller Account and change your address to your desired ones, then save.

To change your password, please visit the settings tab on My Account page. From here, you can select the PASSWORD tab and choose change. Then, insert your chosen new password and confirm it. Log out of your account and login with your new password.

Although we are so sad to see you go, you can deactivate your account by clicking the CANCEL ACCOUNT on the MY ACCOUNT page. We will do the checking of any unpaid items, unsend items, and outstanding payments for or to you, then you will receive a cancellation confirmation in your email within 24 - 48 working hours.

Relov provides donation options for every listed item. You can simply tick the donation box option to do so.

- Once you’ve filled your shopping cart with your favorite pieces, you can proceed to checkout by tapping the Cart tab. Your cart has a limit of 25 items per order.

- When you are ready to make payment, choose the Pay tab and select your desired payment options. After confirmation of payment, your items are ready to be shipped.

- Shipment will take 2 -3 days (to be finalized) since payment date.

- For shoppers within Indonesia, RELOV accepts various means of payment using major credit cards and debit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, Link, and JCB. We also accept payments through transfer using BCA Virtual Account, Jenius, and Dana. But shoppers need to provide their payments receipts by sending it through email to our customer service for confirmation.

- Should you be interested in doing installments, payments can be done through FastPay.

- If you are not a member of RELOV, when you make an order, the items will remain in your buyer basket for 5 hours. Once you become a member, the items will remain for 8 hours in the basket. It is important to understand that cart item times may vary during the sales period.

Once you have make a confirmation on your order, you cannot change items in the basket.

To cancel your order, you can go to the shopping cart and choose the cancel button (X) on the right side of the items you do not want anymore.

Since we are using Gojek, grab, or JNE. For those who live outside of Jakarta, RELOV will impose delivery charges and you can trace it through the numbers given by them or wait for an information from us.

Order shipment will take up to 5 days. The items will be sent directly to the customers’ locations.

At RELOV, we are committed to sell only the highest quality secondhand items. Just like any high-end resale store, we have professional quality checkers who carefully evaluate each item to determine its overall condition and quality. Anything with excessive signs of wear doesn’t even make it to our site - which means that you can shop with total confidence!

We have people processing incoming items 6 days a week - which means new items are getting added every hour! To get notifications when your favorite brands and styles arrive, be sure to check out our home page and new items feature.