RELOV is the first online curated marketplace in Indonesia that offers the widest selections of preloved items with affordable price! RELOV is also a movement that gives awareness to the public about the importance of giving second life to items that no longer holds value to its original owner. We are helping people to further their understanding on circular fashion and sustainable living through storytelling and interactive methods. 

Through Relov we aim to assist the public in solving limited storage space at their homes, which is a common problem for urban people, and help to turn it into financial gold.

Furthermore, RELOV is a platform where people can begin their journeys to reinvent their styles and way of living through being kinder to their bodies and earth.

RELOV is created for a healthier and brighter future of Indonesia. It’s time to make a difference, it’s time to act today.


RELOV consists of a group of like-minded individuals that aims to breathe life and provide second chance for items that are deemed undesirable by others. We’re a small (yet mighty) team, building a company to make shopping sustainably easy.

Sandi Sugiharto
Co-Founder & CEO

Iskahana Fleta
Founder & COO

Asa Winasis
Co-Founder & CTO

Ririnu Yuka
Co-Founder & CMO